Nor'wester Books

Helaine Garren
8 x 10 in. Hardcover
92 pages
43 images

“Bensinger’s—where pool players and pool hustlers lived. They lived their lives on a green felt cloth table in a dark, dingy basement…with no air and no windows. All you could smell was all the action and an atmosphere of a torture chamber. I am a hustler and I lived my whole life as a hustler. I never had a job and I never will. I lived my life at Bensinger’s. It was the greatest and most exciting pool room to be in, with all the high class, low class, thieves, killers, judges, lawyers, politicians, policemen, gentlemen, pimps, drug addicts, hustlers, con men. You name it—Bensinger’s had it all.”
-Artie Bodendorfer

Standard Edition of 50
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Limited Edition of 25
with 8 x 10 in. Archival Pigment Print